GREETINGS From The Warmth Deliverer!

Nice to meet you🤙

We are Marseille Home & Decor who entered the U.S. in 2020 to provide sufficient quality bedding products to American consumers at a ‘friendly price’ based on our 30 years of experience in producing and selling bedding in Korea.



Blanket that delivers "Warmth"

 Bedding Products in Korean culture has a very special meaning. Years ago, Korean have chosen a blanket set as a wedding or a housewarming gift. It is a present which means giving a cozy bed to family and friends who will live a new place and adding comfort to the bed that will fill eight hours of sleep of the person’s daily time.

 In addition to the actual “warmness” delivered by the blanket, we are also focusing on the “warmth” delivered to the mind and trying to convey the “heat” of the heart to the warmth that needs to be shared for a long time.

 We strive ourselves to provide the community we live in with the “passion” of our mind, just how the “warmth” our blankets deliver. From 2022, we are planning a project to serve “warm” directly to those who have lost their warmth due to being alienated from the community.



[Experiences for Quality]

 In the early 1990s, Marseille Home & Decor’s products were launched as our products began to be distributed to department stores in Korea. Since then, we have been trying to find a warm and comfortable feeling served by high-quality bedding products created with consistent ideas about quality and intense research on design.

 We selected various textiles for coverage depending on the circumstances and preferences such as Lenzing® Modal fabric, Microfiber, Pure Cotton, Linen, and viscose rayon that provides high-quality fabric, warm and pleasant feeling from world-famous Tencel® company.

 Additionally, we are trying to make strong bedding without fading color even if used for a long-term using the Fabric Production Process in Korea, which shows strength in sewing, quilting, and dying.



Please keep an eye on our efforts to convey the warmth of our blankets and our passion together 😊
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