Cuddle with Bae

Hello everyone! Guess what? To all our customers, HAPPY NATIONAL BOYFRIEND DAY! :3 We all share memorable moments with our boyfriend when we are sad, happy, having fun, romantic, and angry etc. Also, it is very natural and common in any relationships by taking pictures and saving those memories in our mind. What do you usually do with your boyfriend during these holidays? Rather than going out on a date, there are times when you want to spend quality time by having a home date with your boyfriend right? Then, what's the most common thing you need when spending time at home together? Right now, what you need is a nice soft bed and a warm blanket to CUDDLE UP together! 

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There are lots of activities to do while you're at home. For example, drawing each other, playing games, watching TV/movies, etc.! Do you know all the activities that are listed can be done on your bed? You can use these blankets together or since it's National Boyfriend Day, an alternative option would be giving it as a thoughtful gift for him. :) Seriously, HIGHLY recommended! Hope everyone spend a lovey dovey day with your loved ones. ; ) 


Sleep tight