Blanket Size Comparison: What's the difference?

 Hello everyone! 😊

First of all, thank you to those who visited our official homepage website. We really appreciate all the interest and love you are showing us. Well since you visited our website, we would like to briefly introduce all the products that we are currently selling in public. Most importantly, explaining short and specific details about the blanket size, how many options are there, what kind of materials were made of, etc.!

All different kinds of blankets are used in a typical season for comfortable and perfect use. Our brand has six unique blanket products that are available on our website! It is Punggi Inkyun (Viscose Rayon), Modal Waffle, Minky, Fleece, Leopard, and Triple Layer Modal Blanket. For Spring and Summer blankets,  Modal Waffle, Punggi Inkyun, and Triple Layer Modal Blanket are selling like hotcakes! For Fall and Winter blankets, Fleece, Minky, and Leopard are our best-sellers. Our blankets are all made out of eco-friendly materials and it is from Korea at Eunsung Bedding co, LDT. To show accurate U.S. standard bedding size, we have a picture shown below to represent it as a reference. Feel free to compare and look over it! 🙂

One size (200cm x 230cm)
Color: Ivory, Beige, Sky Blue, Grey, Light Pink 
Size: Full (62" x 82"), Queen (82" x 90"), King (82" x 105")
Color: Ivory, Grey, Light Pink, Sky Blue, Beige
Size: Full (60" x 79")
Color: Dusty Rose, Dark Brown, Tan Navy, Beige
Size: Queen (90" x 90"), King (90" x 108")
Color: Beige, Wine, Navy
Size: Throw (50" x 60")
Color: Red & Black, Yellow & Black, Grey & Mint, Beige & Brown 
Size: Baby (30" x 40"), Queen (86"x 90") , King (86" x 108") 
Color: Grey, Pink, Blue
Pattern: Polka Dot, Cross, Star
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