Delivers Warmth | F/W Bedding Collection 2021-22


Our team is excited to announce that we have launched the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Collection to our official homepage website. Now it's your turn to deliver warmth to your significant others such as family, friends, and loved ones. Plus, holiday is around the corner so blanket would be a thoughtful, warm, memorable gift! 


1. Don't Hesitate, Choose The Original

TENCEL™ MODAL Comforter Set

Our newest, classic Winter comforter is TENCEL™ MODAL COMFORTER! Officially made in Korea with 100% Botanic Origin Modal Fabric and inner padding. TENCEL™ is a trademark for MODAL fabric that is a promise of eco-friendliness and transparency alongside material's breathability. The material is very sustainable and responsibly sourced, providing excellent drapes and fluffy touch. You can feel the Perfect material for those fiber-sensitive skin. The design is really adorable by adding aesthetic appeal with cloudy quit pattern and unique lace. 

  • Material: TENCEL™ Modal / Inner Padding: Polyester
  • Comforter Size: Twin 63" x 82" / Full/Queen 78" x 90"
  • Sham size : Standard 20" x 28" (1 Sham) 
  • Colors: White, Light Pink, Grey



2. Feel the Float 

High Dense Cotton Comforter Set

Another newbie coming in!
Since many people enjoy feeling the sense of fluffy, calming sensation, we've made a HIGH-DENSITY COTTON COMFORTER. This comforter uses Pure Cotton with a 300 Thread Count High-Dense Weaving, which is a premium tightly weaving technique for comfortable texture. Believe it! You can feel the float like a feather with 300TC cotton🍃 Here, the design is a  unique Melo-Stitch Edge and quilted rhombus pattern with cozy colors. Also, it has the advantage of anti-link, durable, smoother fabric. 

  • Material: TENCEL™ Modal / Inner Padding: Polyester
  • Comforter Size: Twin 63" x 82" / Full/Queen 78" x 90"
  • Sham size : Standard 20" x 28" (1 Sham)
  • Colors: White, Light Pink, Sky Blue



3. Blend Mix & Match 

Modal & Compact Cotton Duvet Cover Set

If you want to explore luxurious hotel material, then you came to the right place! Our MODAL & COMPACT COTTON DUVET COVER uses Luxury Hotel Fabric known as MOC, which are Compact Cotton with TENCEL™ Modal. Outstanding drapes and excellence in at-home coziness to feel the sense of optimal sleep. Includes Natural Mellow Color Tone that harmonizes "tone-on-tone" to create a clean and simple bedroom interior. This duvet is warm enough whenever the temperature rises without feeling hefty for your sweet dream throughout the night.

  • Material : TENCEL™ Modal 30%, Cotton 70%
  • Size: Twin/Full 66" x 90" / Queen 90" x 90" / King 104" x 90" 
  • Includes: Sham 20" x 28" (A Type, 1 Sham) / 16" x 24" ( B Type, 1 Sham)
  • Colors: White, Light Pink, Grey



4. Pure & Simple 

Pure Cotton Line Quilt Set

Again, PURE COTTON LINE QUILT made with 300TC Premium fabric. Delicately calm, simple design with special fabric made to soothe your daily exhausted mind and body. It's an excellent choice for softness of the mellow natural pastel tone. The color enhances sophisticated and matte mood bedroom. Pigment dyeing is a method of boiling the entire blanket at a high temperature and dyeing it. There's an additional benefit by removing impurities and fabric debris remaining in the fiber while dyeing at the same time. 

  • Material: TENCEL™ Modal / Inner Padding: Polyester
  • Quilt Size: Twin 63" x 82" / Full/Queen 78" x 90"
  • Sham size : Standard 20" x 28" (1 Sham) 
  • Colors: White, Peach Pink, Grey, Pale Blue, Beige



5. Get Cozy 

Premium Faux Fur Minky Blanket 

When looking for something fluffy and furry, we highly recommend to choose the PREMIUM FAUX FUR MINKY BLANKET! We have selected a High-End Quality 15mm Microfiber material. Mostly used for full size bed, sofa, couch while watching TV! Also, has the advantage of extreme warmth and softness. The product is inherently romantic, adds seamless and cohesive appearance. Interestingly, we have found thoughtful reviews that pet lovers purchase our Faux Fur Blanket just for their pet! This blanket is a perfect birthday gift for any dog owners due to similar texture to animal fur and essential fit. 

  • Material : Microfiber 15mm (Polyester 100%) 
  • Size: 79" x 90" 
  • Colors: Dusty Rose, Tan Navy, Dark Brown, Beige


 6. Be Wild

Leopard Sherpa Throw Blanket

One of our finest throw blanket, LEOPARD SHERPA THROW BLANKET. To give a little switch, this blanket is perfect for those who wants an eye-catching, unique, and intense image transformation to their bedroom. At Marseille Home & Decor, we focused on durability, density, and the thickness of the blanket by using a specialized dyeing technique. The blanket is versatile to use anywhere such as couch, sofa even ideal for an air-conditioned office. Mainly, the Leopard Sherpa blanket is aimed for those who loves to travel!

  • Material : Microfiber 10mm (Polyester 100%) 
  • Size: 50" x 60" 
  • Colors: Beige & Brown, Red & Black, Yellow & Black, Grey & Mint


7. Dream Big

Premium Microfiber Fleece Blanket 

Want to Dream Big during sleep? Then we've got you "covered"!
PREMIUM MICROFIBER FLEECE BLANKET is made with 5mm Superior Microfiber by emphasizing durable double-sided technique. As you've might guessed, the color is driven by a holiday-inspired vibe that comes in deep, rich, dark shades for your seasonal decor! Probably, you have imagined cuddling up with our Fleece Blanket and holding a side of hot chocolate on your hand. :3 This product is guest purpose-driven, especially when they are invited to your house and need a helping hand to cover themselves up. 

  • Material : Microfiber 5mm (Polyester 100%) 
  • Size: Queen 90" x 90" / King 90" x 108" 
  • Colors: Wine, Navy, Beige


Our brand's main goal is to "Deliver Warmth". We want customers to experience the sense of heimish and comfortable touch in your mind with our bedding products💕


The idea was that it's about time to explore something new. It's always a pleasure to serve our guest in a kindly-mannered way and will try the best of ability to respond to our customers.


Thank you :)

Marseille Home & Decor.

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