Why Handmade Is Better Than Machine Made?

Our team has a question for you👀

Which one do you prefer, handmade or machine-made? Well, the true fact is that handmade products are way better than machine-made!

First things first, the main reason is HANDMADE = HIGH QUALITY because handmade has its own unique appeal that provides surprise and creative design from makers.

Now, let's explore the Melo-stitch on the edge part of the Triple Layer Modal Blanket. There are beautifully sewed with handmade Melo-stitch such as shell shape. The edge point would enhance the mood of your room with a delicate, creative pattern.

Adding on, how about the High-Dense Cotton Comforter's edge? Still, there are polished with the same Melo-stitch technique, but the texture is completely different than the Triple Layer Modal Blanket. The comforter brings you a floating cloud feeling in the sky with our special decorative pattern. 

We believe the Melo-stitch edge provides a unique design for the decoration of your sweet room. This is because bringing the creativeness of each piece out of the maker's hands can't be replicated in any other machine. Overall, there is a huge difference when we make it with our hands by looking at every little detail, so they need to put a lot of affection into it. 

For all handmade makers out there, thank you so much for your hard work and effort 🙌

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