Psychology of Blue Color

If you're having difficulty falling asleep, it's probably because of your bedroom atmosphere. Sometimes just having a soft, firm mattress and a fluffy pillow doesn't ensure that you will have a sweet, deep sleep. Did you realize that color of the blanket plays a role in falling asleep?

So...the main color we love to mention here is BLUE!

Blue has different meaning and it is scientifically proven that it enhances the quality of sleep. 

The main keyword for blue is protection, keeping nightmares away, purity, and serenity. Most psychologists agree that blue shades promote relaxation and restful feelings. Researchers found some participants inside a blue blanket had more brain wave activity of a sleepy state or drowsiness. The brain is more responsive to blue than other colors thanks to ganglion cells, which are found in the retinas. Inside ganglion cells, hypothalamus is in charge of producing hormones such as cortisol and melatonin. Since the eye is sensitive to blue color, it results in lower cortisol and more melatonin in the hypothalamus. All these scientific explanations of blue color tells us that our blanket will provide positive impact to sleep!

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